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On 20th January from 6 p.m. to midnight we will repeat the "Sonnabend of Death", which was broadcast on 6th January. You can hear the next live show on 3rd February. Programme details will follow...

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Radio Sylvia broadcasts online around the clock. Additionally we are active on short wave 6070 kHz.

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All stream information as well as the complete details concerning the reception of Radio Sylvia are given in this overview.

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What's New?

Single of the Week

The current Single of the Week is the track "Get High Like An Angel" by the Australian band The Bennies.

Harte Zeiten

The January edition of the "Harte Zeiten" show with Artschie and Tom will be repeated on the next Fridays from 8 to 10 p.m. CET.

Homepage Update

We have updated the gallery and our history.

Who We Are

Radio Sylvia is run by a dedicated team of long-time radio and music enthusiasts and can look back on an eventful history. After its foundation in July 1977, the station was on the air as a pirate for many years on FM as well as long, medium and short wave. In January 2009 we returned and are now broadcasting legally from our studios in Hamburg via internet and short wave.

Our aim has always been (and still is today) to provide a musical alternative to the omnipresent musical mishmash. We focus on music beyond the mainstream and play tracks that are never or only very rarely heard on other stations.

Radio Sylvia Supports New Bands

We are always searching for new and little-known bands and artists. Please find all details on band applications here.

Below you see videos of some of the new tracks, which can be heard on Radio Sylvia.

Templeton Pek - Sirens

(Great Britain)

Verikalpa - Tyrmä


The Bennies - Get High Like An Angel


Metalsteel - The End Of The World



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