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You can listen to Radio Sylvia with the Radio Sylvia players on this page or any other audio stream player (e.g. the VLC Player); the stream links are listed below. We can also be found in the stations lists of all main radio portals, e.g. TuneIn, Get Me! Radio, myTuner, Streamitter or Streema. Additionally, Get Me! Radio offers a wide range of special downloads (e.g. Alexa Radio Skill, Roku TV App and Fire TV App). For mobile reception we recommend the TuneIn App for Android and iOS or the Replaio App for Android. Of course Radio Sylvia can also be received with standard internet radios.

In case you have problems with the reception of Radio Sylvia, you'll find help on our FAQ page. In addition, you can check the state of our stream servers on this website.

By the way: Our stream servers are located in two data centers running on renewable energy:

Green Web Foundation

Stream 1 • Best Quality

Radio Sylvia Player

Bit Rate: 192 kbit/s

Coding: MP3

Links to the HTTP Stream:

Links to the HTTPS Stream:

Server Location: Helsinki (Finland)

Stream 2 • Good Quality

Radio Sylvia Player

Bit Rate: 128 kbit/s

Coding: MP3

Link to the HTTP Stream:

Link to the HTTPS Stream:

Server Location: Falkenstein (Germany)

Stream 3 • Medium Quality

- recommended for mobile use -

Radio Sylvia Player

Bit Rate: 64 kbit/s

Coding: aacPlus

Link to the HTTP Stream:

Link to the HTTPS Stream:

Server Location: Falkenstein (Germany)



Besides our 24/7 internet broadcasts, we are also active on shortwave.

Broadcast Times and Frequencies

You can hear us on every 1st Saturday of the month at the following times on the following frequencies:

6 p.m. - midnight CET > 6070 kHz (49m band)

6 p.m. - 8 p.m. CET > 3955 kHz (75m band)

These transmissions are aired via the broadcasting facilities of Radio Channel 292 in Rohrbach (Bavaria).

Reception Reports and QSL Cards

Reception reports are welcome!

If you send us a reception report by post with sufficient return postage, you will get the official Radio Sylvia QSL card. Reception reports we receive by e-mail will be confirmed by our eQSL.

Reception via Web SDRs

Listen to us on shortwave with Web SDRs!

In case you don't have a shortwave radio, you can still listen to Radio Sylvia on shortwave by using one of the numerous Web SDRs. A Web SDR is a software-defined radio receiver, which allows to receive radio signals via the internet. In this way, you can listen to Radio Sylvia at the times mentioned above e.g. via the Web SDR of the University of Twente in Enschede (Netherlands). Furthermore plenty of so-called "Kiwi SDRs" are online. With the European Kiwi SDRs, reception of Radio Sylvia on 6070 and 3955 kHz should be possible. Try it - you can find a list of the active locations here.